Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sasatel USB Modems : Now with Linux Support

If you use Linux as your default working platform, you have gotten used to be out of the loop when it comes to hardware support. For me it has been on the whole USB Modem issues.

I had tried USB Modems from Zain, Zantel and Vodacom, with little success only on Vodacom. But due to the price I was forced to continue using my phone as a modem, on Tigo. But GPRS was not fast enough. During X-Mas, I visited a friend of mine who was using a Sasatel USB Modem. The speed was 'tempting' fast, and the price better as compare to the other telcoms. So I drove to Sasatel headquarters to get myself connected. But I was a bit disappointed to be told that the modems only works on MS Windows. So I had to get a Wifi Router, luck them. But I was given hope that new modems with Linux support were coming soon. 
I have sent lots of email to the address on the Contacts page, Sasatel is a few of the companies have actually responded. I commend them for that.
Yesterday, I checked with them and guess what, they are here. Sasatel USB Modems [EVDO CDMA] now supports the following Linux flavours: Redhat Enterprise Linux 3+, Fedora Core 5+(execpt 11 version), SUSE Desktop Linux 9+, Debian Linux 5+ and Ubuntu Linux 5+. Because it support Debian and Ubuntu, its safe to assume that it will work with all derivatives of Ubuntu such as Linux Mint

Muffadal  Essaji, Data Product Officer - Sasatel, was kind enough to send me the user manual and it share it with you. 

I can not wait to get an reason to purchase one of those and try on the Linux flavors we make available for you.

I hope other telcoms will also look into making sure that Linux users are not left out.